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From Inspiration to Installation, The SmartArt Program is a seamless work-space for clients, artists and art consultants to collaborate. Offering real world and virtual world tools, SmartArt brings your creative vision to life!

Comprehensive Art Management

We work with your existing art assets to take inventory, catalogue, RFID tag, auction or sell your art assets. Whatever fits your needs can be done and done right.


Our creative project management drives brand alignment and differentiates you from competitors. Unique spaces create brand loyalty and lift customer and employee retention.

Custom Visual Solutions

No matter the creative challenge, the SmartArt Program and Art Force can offer custom visual solutions to meet your creative needs. R&D is common for innovative projects.

Currently in the Gallery

Our artwork showcase has thousands of images from artists across the United States. Here is just a small taste. Check back for monthly updates or simply sign up for full access!

Bock, Ed_Single Figure, NYC Man, #10192012_acrylic_15.5x10_$325
Colangelo, Adam_Peak_36x12_$908
Cutts, Bonnie_Emanate_52x72_$6200
Davis, Jennifer_Assortment_24 dia._$700
Harding,Tim_Garden Shimmer_41x48_$4900
Hejny, Annie_Mississippi River #4_48x36_$1200
Hinz, Bonnie_Autumn Breeze_glass_$2,400
Hughes, Ryan_The Weight of Sunshine (reprise)_acrylic on canvas_48x36_$
Labovitz, Anne_White Letter Painting_16x18_$3200
Lais, Ruth_Stone Arch Bridge Mosaic_48x34_$4000
Lamm, Marc_Twisted Dimension_wood_$2500
Luhmann, Alli_Nesting Dolls_glass_$960
Lund, Craig_2-Nov-05_$850
Ollig, Mat_Dine in Your Car_62x86_$5400
Olson, Erik Jon_There Will be Pushback_47x38_$930
Pilgrim, Leslie_In the Bee Garden #6_$795
Simpson, Candice_Look for Beauty in Green_acrylic, gold leaf, ink, framed_27x35_$1500
Stoneberg, Beth_Adrift_32x56_$2400
Van Dell, Mary Jo_Spellbound_36x48_$3800
Van Sickle, Jill_Birch_24x48_$1400
Zebrun, Cameron_Ocean_42x56x6_$4000

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