Creative Installations: Innovation Meets Function

Creative Installations

Creative Installations: Innovation Meets Function

When you are ready for creative installations that leave a lasting brand impression, new products have arrived on the market that will make your job easier than ever. Some of the most innovative and functional products will give you new ideas for addressing environmental concerns. They also make a lasting impression on visitors and employees, telling a story of innovation, style, and modernity.

Sound Panels

Take a few examples here. Sometimes called acoustic panels, sound barriers or quite simply, sound panels, this product line has the power to insulate highly trafficked areas from environmental noise. It also helps beautify any space!

We just broke into this market in 2016, starting with JAMF Software as seen on Art Force.

sound panels

We were so excited with what we learned on this project, we went ahead and put acoustic ceiling panels on our Art Force Venture Lab ceiling to help muffle upstairs foot traffic. We can speak from experience, it has made a big difference both in terms of sound and ambiance.

sound panels

The Art Force Venture Lab

Acoustic sound panels tell a story. In the case of Art Force, we went with everything the rainbow has to offer. We love color after all! But the options certainly do not stop there. Picture any artwork, picture or scene and it can also be printed on the panel fabric.

Some of our favorite ideas include printing images of outer space or even a blue sky to really open up the room and let imaginations run wild. Find the edge of your imagination and take one step further – anything can be done!

Architectural Wall Elements

Objects, tools, or really anything in alignment with your brand can easily be incorporated into architectural wall elements. While certainly a mural of bicycles could’ve achieved a similar affect, architectural wall elements give you another dimension to work with: lighting. Note how the bicycles come to life when lighting goes to work, giving the wall three-dimensional expression.

architecural wall elements

Suspended Art

This category is hard to nail down with a single label. Suspended art can easily be categorized as fine art, sculpture art and so on. But it enters the realm of a creative installation any time installation requires careful engineering and expertise. These are the “wow” pieces that help bring highly trafficked areas to life and leave people with a sense of wonderment and awe.

suspended art

Take these beautiful, whimsical kites for instance. This kind of installation is rather poetic, and probably means different things to different people. Perhaps it calls upon fond childhood memories – a warm, sunny day when someone taught you how to fly a kite for the first time. Or maybe it’s a metaphor for going with the flow and adjusting with the changing winds of time.

Or consider the aesthetic of this creative installation. To brace such a massive installation, it takes a lot of engineering and careful construction. But the impact of the piece is well worth the effort. For this particular client, following a river theme was important. Notice how the sculpture calls upon elements of water with flowing curves and a sparkling veneer to fit the brand image.

suspended sculpture art

Wall Sculptures

One common theme with creative installations in texture. These installations are particularly appealing, not just for the three-dimensional makeup, but for how they play with light and space.

wall sculpture

By their very nature, creative installations are statement pieces. They represent a mixture of fine art and something more tangible – an experience, a thought, a feeling. While these installations are often more involved than simply framing and hanging, the extra effort creates an immersive brand experience worth remembering and sharing.