Creative Project Management – An Odyssey

Creative Project Management

Creative project management runs the gamut. For three simple words, each is “operative” meaning the most important – depending on how you look at it. This essentially means that all three components of the process work together or not at all.

Metaphors Are Fun

Think of it this way. If “creativity” is the universe and the “project” itself is the Earth, that would make management the gravity that holds it all together. Without one, the others spin off somewhere into the dark reaches of the creative universe. Clustering them together and taking thoughtful steps at every point in the process is thus critical for successful creative launch. At Art Force and particularly, from the SmartArt Program, creative project management is essential to everything we do.


While careful planning and creative standardization are critical for regulating costs, you can’t skip on the all-too-important creative end of the spectrum. More importantly, no single creative solution will work for every business model or brand. Enter brand alignment and custom visual solutions, your tools for choosing your launch coordinates.

The SmartArt Approach

At Art Force, creative project management revolves around some sacred truths – our creative standardization process, professional art consultant collaboration, streamlining the process with online selections through SmartArt and choosing from a vast selection of frames and materials. To help you visualize the immediate realm of possibility, we’ve consolidated the most popular offerings here:


Brand Alignment

Whether you are just beginning to launch a brand or have a long standing history of success, the art on your walls can help shape or continue your rich brand story and tradition. Each piece of art has the potential to write a chapter in your creative odyssey, so you first have to choose what direction you are pointing.

Brand Alignment

This is where SmartArt and our trusted art consultants can play an invaluable role. With thousands of projects behind us, Art Force is as much a brand builder as an artwork services provider. Our art consultants will provide the creative fuel and expertise to right the ship by your brand coordinates.

An Art Force Project

In the picture above, you can begin to see how this client fit into our creative standardization process. Offering a mixture of graphic images, fine art, custom framing and a nice “gallery wall” touch, this brand was able to show their true colors and really liven up the space.

Custom Visual Solutions

As you hone in on your brand direction, we also have options beyond the creative standardization process from the ever-expanding universe of custom visual solutions. Whether we’re talking about custom marketing posters, history walls, mission statements, environmental graphics or creative installations like acoustic walls, architectural wall elements, or suspended objects, anything is possible.

Art Selections

The direction you plan on taking with your custom visual solutions can have a big impact on your overall branding. Is your brand earthy, airy and community based? Or maybe your brand is gritty, rugged and brash. In general, our clients have shaped their voice and style to cater to their clients’ needs, so no matter what your aesthetic or motif may be, it’s crucial to find it, own it and put enough rocket fuel between you and the competition as they can’t catch up in a million lightyears.

This can be done in many ways, and artwork is just a piece of the puzzle. But what’s really crucial is that the art enhances the overall experience. From the SmartArt program, we’ve taken care to categorize art based on numerous elements:

Artwork Database

This will help your art consultant choose art that matches your aesthetic quickly, and after adding it to a project room, you can begin to visualize your selections from inspiration to installation.

History Wall

While we could talk about custom visual solutions at length, history walls are particularly popular options for presenting your unique corporate history to staff and clients alike.

History Wall

Even if your corporate history is brief, history walls can capture the series of events that led to your inception in creative ways. For instance, if you are a relatively young renewable energy company, you could visually depict the evolution of energy consumption through the centuries. Or if you are the first-ever organization to make it to Neptune after discovering perpetual motion, that might be worth telling.

It All Started Here

(That last one may be a little ahead of the curve.) Either way, whatever makes you, well, you, is worth telling. As long as the story can fit in a plexi-pocket and cabling system, it can be done. The hardest part may just be deciding what is most worth telling and keeping it in brand alignment with your vision and values.

More to Come

In the coming weeks and months, we will continue to bring you more custom visual solutions to consider. Look ahead for updates on environmental graphics, custom displays and graphics, creative installations like acoustic walls, sound panels, architectural wall elements and more.

If you are interested in learning more, please don’t hesitate to request a free art consultation on