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SmartArt Program » CALL FOR ARTISTS


Call For Artists

Minneapolis Convention Center

SmartArt Rotation Program Exhibit

Art Force, the premier provider of artwork services requests submissions of original two-dimensional artwork for our SmartArt Rotation Program Exhibit at the Minneapolis Convention Center. The scale of the Convention Center space requires a large body of work not only in quantity but also in physical size. We are seeking work that is 48” x 60” or larger. The space will accommodate square and horizontal formats and groupings.

The goal of the exhibit is to showcase the varied visual art created by Minneapolis Artists. Artwork will be on display from July – December, 2015. This program requires that the submitting Artist agree to commit artwork for a minimum of 12 months.

Please consider these parameters when submitting to the exhibit:

  • Artist must live or has a studio location in the City of Minneapolis
  • Work is 48” x 60” or larger
  • The Artist has a cultural or geographic perspective that is unique or appropriate to the City of Minneapolis
  • Artist could be considered an experienced or emerging artist
  • Artwork content must be appropriate for public space, in terms of material and content.
  • All framed artwork must be approved and installation ready. Please submit frame examples with your submission. Works in need of framing (or stretching) please contact us for pricing. Artist discounts are available.

The Minneapolis Convention Center has subscribed to this exhibit with a monthly art subscription fee. The artwork portion of the fee is divided equally between the Artist and Art Force.  While shown, the artwork is advertised as available and for sale through smartartprogram.com.  In the event of a sale, the price is divided equally between Art Force and the Artist.

Submission Deadline is April 15, 2015.


 WebSubmission Guidelines
Please submit via Dropbox. It is FREE to create an account! Once set up, make a folder titled with your name, upload your images and share it with sallen@artforce.org. This will generate an e-mail that allows viewing your Dropbox folder. 

Submit up to 10 images and include the following:

  • Digital image (at least 72 dpi)
  • Information for each piece:  title, medium, dimensions(h × w × d) framed or unframed, wholesale and retail pricing
  • Framing example(if applicable)
  • Biography and Artist Statement

Submission Deadline
April 15, 2015.

Image Top, from Left:
Patrick Pryor There is More to Life 60″ x 60″;
Stephanie Molstre-Kotz Misunderstanding 60″ x 48″;
Edward Bock CrossTown 60″ x 72″. All work is currently on exhibit at MCC.